self balancing unicycle SBU Wheel electric scooter Hoverboard
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Highest Speed

About 18 km/hr



About 18-25Km

May vary depending on rider’s weight, road condition and temperature.

Safe climbing angle

About 15°

60kg riders up to 18°


132WH Lithium Battery

Protection circuit with equilibrium function



Best at 10°~30°C




Charger Voltage

AC 220V 50-60Hz


Charging time

About 45 mins.

80% charged in 30 mins



Height 450mm
Length 395mm

Largest width 160mm; smallest width 70mm

Distance of treadle from ground


When dismounted.

Tire size

360 mm


Car body


Without training wheel

Safety Measures

Slanting protection

Average 45° left and right

Machine will deactivate when exceed 45° angle

Speed limit protection

Turned on at 10Km/h

Front part of treadle will rise to prevent further acceleration

Low power protection

Turned down when power below 10%

Front part of treadle will descend, speed will decrease until it fully stops


Power and Error

Power level LED indicator

Illuminates when on, flickers when protection activate.

Battery volume

Power level LED indicator

Four bars when more than 85%; goes off one by one as power level goes down.

Alert sound


Beeps at power on; continual beep when power level is low.

Alert sound

Long buzz

Long buzz at side tilts.










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  • Package Content.:
  • 1pcs Unicycle (choose in option)
  • 1pcs Training rolls
  • 1pcs Training Belt
  • 1pcs Charger


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self balancing unicycle SBU Wheel electric scooter Hoverboard

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