LED Wifi + Music Controller ws2811 led controller


WiFi rgb bluetooth led controller.
This is a WiFi LED controller designed for the color of LED light.

Connect to our WiFi-equipment,you can choose any color as your request,such as red,green,blue,purple,orange and so on,It also can dim the brightness. 
On the other hand, you can adjust a variety of beautiful lighting effects, such as different colors chase each other and jumping, and so on, you can also adjust the Color temperature (cold white and warm white). But these functions depend on our controller,First of all is to power on our WiFi light Controller, then open the mobile phone WiFi connection page to connect our WiFi equipment, our WiFi device name is "LEDnetxxxxxxxxxxxx" format, if connect success, quit page and Start the Software, now you can control the light by your Phone.

  • Control LED strip lighting with your Smartphone via app + MUSIC CONTROLLED
  • Supports both IOS products (iPod, iPhone, iPad...) and Android products (Samsung, HTC...)
  • Free app download available from Google Play and iTunes
  • Compact stylish Wi-Fi control unit
  • Advanced software with colour wheel, custom colour scrolling and music activation feature
  • Connect directly or through your local Wi-Fi network
  • Control multiple Wi-Fi controllers simultaneously when connected through local Wi-Fi network
  • Create and store custom colours and patterns on each mobile device
  • WiFi device works up to 50m from the controller
  • Multiple Smartphones can be used to control the lights
  • Dimming control to adjust brightness
  • Controls both 12v and 24v LED strip (input voltage from driver must match LED strip voltage)


Model number WiFi370 WiFi320 WiFi310
Name WiFi LED RGB Controller WiFi LED Color Temperature Controller WiFi LED Single color Controller
Conection Methods WiFi
Suitable Phone OS Android 2.3 or above; IOS5.0 or above
Software language English/Chinese/German,automatic recognize language according to OS
Channels 3(RGB) 2(Tow colors) 1(Single color)
Output current 4A*3 4A*2
Working Voltage DC12-24
Dimension L105.5 * W45 * H23mm
Remote distance about 50 meters indoor, 100 meters outdoor
Receiver sensitivity 802.11b Dws2811 led controller(-5dBm),802.11b CCK(-10dBm),802.11g OFDM(-15dBm)
Connect way V+ R, G, B for LED Light, V+, V- for Power supply, ANT for WIFI signal reception


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LED Wifi + Music Controller ws2811 led controller

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