HUD night driving Car Head Up Display USB port Bluetooth OBD
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You can choose one of 3 LED Screen Options


1. OBD cable connection.

2. Outstanding definition by using white light LED 

3. Common USB port good for software upgrade

4. Great for reading with accurate big screen

5. Multiple function display and automatic power on & off

6. Time display function 

7. Real humanity speaking and reminding

8. Time recording of driving and parking

9. Auto adjusting the brightness when light source changing

10. Auto matching the parameter when starting the vehicles.

11.With the function of bluetooth wireless

Technical indicators

1. Working conditions:

  Ambient temperature - 20 degrees to + 80 degrees

  Relative humidity 10%- 95%  

  Environmental noise < = 60 db (A)

2. Alarm sound level = 30 db (A)

3. Working voltage: 5 v / 1.2 A

4. Product size, Host: 106 x68x18. 5 mm

5. Product weight: 95 g

It is using optical reflection principle, reflect the important driving data to the front glass of the vehicle. This device are placed under the windscreen of the vehicle, via OBD cable to receive the vehicle ECU data, timely and accurate read the speed/rotation speed/fuel data and so on. Then, project it onto the front windshield so that drivers no need to look down and can be read real time! This device greatly improve the security and practicability.


Package includes.:

1 Full Kit Head up Display include all assembly parts

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HUD night driving Car Head Up Display USB port Bluetooth OBD

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