Electronic Gloves Light Multi Color LED Gloves 10pcs set
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Electronic Gloves Light Multi Color LED Gloves 10PCS Set


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Electronic Gloves Light

1. Multi Color LED Gloves

2. Material: Nylon

3. Battery: 2 * CR2032

 lectronic Gloves
Light (CE,RoHS,FCC Approval ):


1) this pair of glow LED
Light Gloves is able to glows and flash in darkness with different colors.

2) It is perfect for the
young when enjoying concerts, raves, clubs, party, hip-hop, etc.

3) LED light glows and
flashes in darkness or during the day with different colors.

4) Each has 6 different lighting modes.

5) Including light-up modes of quickly flash, slowly flash, continuous on, off,

6) You can change the light modes by pressing the button on the wrist.

7) The wrist of the glove is stretchable.

8) Made of polyester of good air permeability.

9) These gloves are not washable.

10)Great for concerts, raves, clubs, hip-hop, etc.


A fun toy & gift for friends.

Color: White

Length: about 22cm

Middle finger length: 8cm

Palm width: 8-8.5cm

Battery: 2 * CR2032(included)

Item weight: 82g

Item size: 22 * 10 * 1.0cm

Package size: 23 * 16 * 2.5cm

Package weight: 95g




AVAILABLE MOELLS Please choose in Options.: this is an 10PCS Set please send us an email if you wanna mix the modells


White Gloves SIMPLE


Black Gloves



Full Shine Gloves  

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Electronic Gloves Light Multi Color LED Gloves 10pcs set

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10 or more: $10.90 each
50 or more: $9.80 each
100 or more: $8.70 each
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