DMX Decoder DMX512 Driver 256 Gradations & Full-color Controll
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DMX Decoder DMX512 Driver 256 Gradations & Full-color Contronl Constant Voltage


Port definition:




DC12-24V Power Input






Register Clock








Warning:DO NOT Connect the Power wire to the data port, it will damage the decoder and all warranty is done!


DMX512 decorder led hair accessories

     DMX512 DC Decorders adopt advanced microcomputer control technology and  converts DMX512/1990 digital signal into analog signal. DMX512 DC Decorders can convert signal to  256 grade dimming levels, from 0 to 100%, which can meet most project request.  

     It allows user to choose any channel between 1~512, 256-level brightness control. This compact decoder connects DMX Console to analog devices, enabling user to create endless possibilities of light shows. 512-DC is 12VDC~24VDC input and compatible with a DC input RGB LED Lighting Fixtures.

Input Voltage DC12V-24V
 MAX Current load  3A (Maximum) per line, 3 lines
 output scale level  256levels
 input signal DMX512/1900 
 Operation Temperature  -10°C~50°C  (14°F~122°F)
 Output Power

0~100W (12VDC)

0~200W (24VDC)

 Dimension  L125*W65*H40 mm
 Weight  300g
 Work Environment  Indoor dry environment
 Certificate  CE&RoHS


Fit DMX512/1990 InternationalstandardWith 256 gradations and full-color contronl
With 3 channels output and Max.5A/CH output
an achieve the asynchronous color changes effect under working with DMX controls system.
With the light color selected mechanism, and be able to control the light with 1~3 color  Set the DMX address code freely
With good noiseproof feature, over-circuit


Package Includes:

1 X DMX Decoder DMX512 Driver


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DMX Decoder DMX512 Driver 256 Gradations & Full-color Controll

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