4PCS iPhone 4/S LED Light Mod Kit Glowing 4X
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For iPhone 4 & 4S Luminescent LED Light logo Mod Kit Glowing Logo back cover case for iPhone +Tools manual + Backcover

4PCS SET 49,90$


• Easy installation follow our DIY Video
- Our redeveloped kit is easy to install just by pop
- No soldering required and fully reversible


• Improved light kit
- Enhanced light kit is able to light up independent from the front screen!
- Lights up whenever the front screen turns on, stays on for 15 seconds after screen is turned off!
- Lights up while you are calling, even the front screen is turned off.
- Lights up incoming call, SMS, phone alarm 
- Lights up if any background applications are detected to be sending or receiving data during the iPhone's   standby mode
- No noticable battery drain
- Stays on indefinitely while charging
- Pure White logo illumination (just like on a MacBook!)
- No affect on camera functions

Support for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 CDMA (using different rear panels
  Backcover Color White/Black


DIFFRENT LED LIGHT COLORS Available Check picture and Option
Size 14*8.2*2 cm








We CAN ship the item via Hong Kong post Air / China Post / DHL Express / TNT and more


We will shipp worldwide please check our Terms and conditions for more informations on Shipping and our excluded Countrys wich are very less. We shipp to soon All countrys over the World

 ONLY 4PCS SET 49,90$


Package included:
1 X BlisterBox
3 X Installation tools
1 X Manual
1 X Housing Back Case
1 X Color Stickers
1 X LED Panel & Fixing Stickers

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4PCS iPhone 4/S LED Light Mod Kit Glowing 4X

Price: $49.90
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