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Home button with Luminescent LED Mod Kit Glowing LED Homebutton for Iphone 5 Mod Kit Please choose your LIGHT COLOR & HOMEBUTTON COLOR

LED Flash light Mod Kit after around 30 seconds standby Time for example call or something else the Homebutton Light will start blinking. 




DIY instructions 


 orders under 4pcs will not be processed MINIMUMM ORDER QTY. 4PCS 



  • 1 x Homebutton
  • 1 x led kit mainboard flexwire.
  • 2 x Screw Driver.
  • 1 x suckingtool
  • 1 x 3M adhesive
  • 1 x tweezer


  • Item #: 001

10PCS Iphone 5 Glowing Homebutton Logo LED Flash light Mod Kit

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